Ham and bean soup. 2 bags of navy beans put in big pan and cover with water and take baking soda and shake over beans quite a bit. Soak for about 2 hours and then rinse good the beans with water to get baking soda off and also it helps tare gas out of beans. While they are soaking get a nice lean ham slice and cut off any fat and cut into small bite size chunks and I also get a package of small package of ham that is cut up at Frys but you could get two ham slices. I get a package of ham hocks usually 2 or 3 in package. Cut up onion I usually use 1/2 into chunks I use the chopper for carrots ? and onion and I also chop up celery too usually a just use what ever i have depending if they are small or maybe about 1 cup of the vegetables each. I just eye it After you

Whoops hit wrong button. After you rinse beans put all this together and pour veg broth over it to cover it and start cooking shake on salt and pepper but be careful with salt because ham might be salt. I usually wait until done before season to much. As it boils watch it because it keeps forming a fuss and just keep scraping it off. When the fluid goes down because of scraping off the fuzz add water to keep beans covered. Keep your eye on this and keep stirring so they don’t stick. This will usually take about 2 hours or until beans are tender. Be careful so they don’t cook to long and get mushy.

Dumplings. Depending on how many you want I usually take 4 and crack and stir with fork in bowl and shake in a little salt I take and start adding flour by tablespoon until it is not to sticky but don’t make it to dry either I take some of the broth from beans and also add some water to broth in a separate small pan and get it boiling and take your fork you mixed up dumplings mixture and drop globs of dumplings in boiling broth. When you put globs of dumplings into broth they look like the are going to stay on bottom of pan but they don’t. Don’t let it boil hard but just East. After they raise to top of broth and they start getting hard I take my scissors ✂️ and cut them into smaller dumplings. I take one out of the broth and check it to see if they are done. I don’t put them into soup until just before you eat because it makes the bean soup cloudy. When I freeze or refrigerate soup I combine them